More wasted time

Today mum and I got it in our heads that we'd do some knitting. Mum is a great knitter. It's something she can do while watching TV (or watching the kids!).

We've been on the hunt for a pattern. Three hours later she's made a start with some old wool she found in the cupboard. She's making me a scarf/neck warmer/scarflette. (perhaps like this)

Since I've been the one on the computer searching I have a slightly sore wrist. I need these Handeze gloves.

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  1. my mom had something like that, she tried to give them to me, but they felt a bit small..i am sure they are supposed to fit tight, but they felt too tight, so my sister, with smaller hands, took them. they look like a great idea. My right wrist gets sore from holding the quilt (left holds needle..)


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