Other Crafty Endeavours

Sewing isn't the only thing I like to do. Before I started Mee a Bee and I guess before I had Little Guy I spent a lot of time making things for and with Biggie.

Here' s our little three person family (still haven't gotten around to painting the new addition although we bought the doll over two years ago). They live in the fire station that Biggie and I assembled and painted some years ago. It's just like this one and was made by Eager Beaver Toys.

L to R: Mr Mee a Bee; Me, old green eyes; Biggie, when he was a Little Fella
PS. They all had clothes until Little Guy started carting them around.


  1. I don't think you would sell many of those if you started making them. haha

  2. meanie!!! what's wrong with them?????



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