Secret Revenge

We'll keep this picture to show future girlfriends, to show at his 21st birthday or other times when embarrassment is the only way to go.

Now my mum tells me he's locked himself in the shower again.


  1. LOL! My future revenge picture is a bath one for DS. He was one, completely naked, and decided to try to get into the tub himself. He is holding onto the tub with both hands, has one leg on the floor and one leg hiked up on the edge of the tub like a high kicking dancer. He got stuck like that. You can't see his front, but it is great shot of his little naked butt. I hope Kinko will still be in Japan so I can get a bulk discount on flyers to pass out at his high school!

  2. lol!And keep that camera ready at all times!

  3. :) Oh, are these the best moments of parenthood? :)) LOL!

  4. hahaha vs hehehe vs LOL ... mmm


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