Signs of Autumn

I never get tired of the view from my window. The green rice and the blue sky. Today it's all action out there. We've had two diggers, a wheelbarrow and two cranes squeezing down the road at the rear - all watched by anxious neighbors - it's a very narrow road.

In the thick of all that the rice combiner arrived. It's harvest time! Again! The year has gone by so fast. The higanbana are in bloom and my neighbor has ripening persimmon. My other neighbor has almost ripe kiwifruit.

Yesterday was Autumnal Equinox. I had told mum the weather would change like clockwork. So far that's true, there's a definite nip to the air. At last.

Off to the sewing machine.


  1. I love your little snippets about your neighbourhood and what goes on. I find it all so curious and intriguing! Much more exciting than our little cul de sac in the 'burbs of Brisbane! (I would love to see some crops in our local park, other than cobblers pegs and bindis - ouch!)

  2. Even I find my neighborhood and its going-ons interesting! Thanks!

  3. Even I find my neighborhood and its going-ons interesting! Thanks!

  4. You really have some space around the house, and inside of it, too, as far as I could see. Enjoy!

  5. Thanks Moonstitches - yes this paddock next door is always empty. It's not ours but it runs the length of our property so we're lucky! We do have a pretty spacious house which is really great. I cna't wait to see pics of your new place.
    Thanks for popping in!!


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