Storm Warning

We've spent the morning battening the hatches, packing away all the patio furniture and pool toys. There's a storm warning out today for my area. I live near the sea not quite near enough that I need to worry about high waves but I get a lot of wind. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency there will be gale force winds.

This storm/ typhoon has already hit other parts of Asia and Japan. I hope everyone is OK. Stay safe! On days like this I appreciate the wisdom of my architect who recommended installing aluminum roller doors/shutters on all of my large plate glass windows.

Image from Tollipop. It's called "I will always take care of you". Sweet isn't it?


  1. Sounds like you'll be nice and snug during the storm.

    Ditto your thought on the pic. It's cute.

  2. It didn't eventuate. we are kinda disappointed.


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