Terrible Two and Terrible Twos

I've had an awful evening. I am holed up in my office, in the dark, online shopping. Here. I am slowing unclenching my jaw.


  1. Usual c*** with my kids over dinner

  2. okay. shabby apple is great. this is my first time seeing it. and i need a new dress. i might just have found the place to buy it. whoohoo.

    good luck with your little guys.

  3. Sounds like you're in a good place.

    Has your Mum gone home?

  4. Yes, it's gorgeous isn't it? Still waiting to see if there will be any long sleeved ones.
    I found out about Shabby Apple from Scribbit.

    Crappy day is over, both of them in bed sound asleep by 7.30pm

  5. My commiserations.TG they were in bed early...!

  6. Marianne, they have no option but to go to bed early when it all goes to the pack. I think they're quite relieved to get to your own rooms and away from the wild witch.


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