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Today's the day. I can finally allow myself to get excited. We are expecting a VIP tonight.

My Mum

We haven't allowed ourselves to get too excited since it coincides with Biggie's return to school. Wanting the time to pass quickly meant the holidays would soon be over. Biggie has been surprisingly cool about it all. Seems he loves school and is keen to get back into the routine. He's not like me in that respect. I cried on the first day back after every school holiday right through to university. I loved school just not the first day. The first day of a new year was always the worst since I thought I would not cope with a new teacher.


  1. How exciting about your Mum coming - and just in time for the cooler weather by the sound of it! Hope Biggy has a great time back at school. Does that mean he in second grade now?

  2. how lovely! i hope your mom's visit is a good one!

  3. Oh how exciting! And it is lovely that it's not a fleeting visit and that she will be here for a good stay.

    Hope Biggie had a good first day back(although I presume he only has a half day today).

  4. Fantastic! I'm sure you are beside yourself - I would be. You'll have lots of lovely mum/daughter moments and things to do to look forward to!


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