Yummy Yummy

This afternoon we took mum to our local cake shop, Chateraise. The best thing there are these "choux cream" things. Cream and custard filled choux pastries. Mum is addicted and was pretty pleased that the shop is within walking distance. It's conveniently located right across the road from the park. I suspect she may take a sudden interest in taking the kids "to the park" from now on.

I got the most delicious ice cream bar - Belgian Chocolate - fantastic.


  1. Mm mmm. Choux cream AND Belgian chocolate would be my order...

  2. Nagasaki is full of Shu cream... but my very favorite are sold at a shop called ARITA. I won't eat any others....

  3. arita ... can't say I have seen that around here. Maybe in town? all yummy I am sure.


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