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The giveaway is on in full force. I loved all the comments left in the earlier post and they certainly made me laugh, thanks! This is your last chance to enter.

I've just told you the answer - some of you were onto it. Everyone who entered before is still in the running.

I'll be drawing the winner at random in a few days. Leave me a comment if you want to enter! after first making sure YOU have marked my shop as one of your favorites on Etsy. Thank you!

This is what I am giving away. The latest edition of Home Sweet Craft. Vol. 4. It's only just hit newsstands in Japan. Check it out on Amazon.

make sure you leave your email or a blog trackback so I can contact you.


  1. Oh, I adore Japanese Craft books and Jan knows that- so she tipped me off on your give away!!! This book looks delightful! I would love to be in the running!

    Your shop is already a favorite of course! :) You make such nice items and I have them in mind for a future treasury!

  2. Oh yaye, I've picked a winner! and it's lucky number 8, Nerida!!!


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