After all these years

Even after twelve plus years living here in Japan I still feel anxious about making phone calls. Today I bit the bullet and called my hairdresser.

Do you remember I vowed never to go to the cheap and nasty place again? Well this morning I walked past there and was very close to going in but I couldn't find my loyalty card. I think I threw it out when I made that vow since I waited for almost two hours to get my hair cut when I was there a few months ago.

When we got home from the mall I called my proper hairdresser who booked me in straight away. I was home with a great new 'do' within 45 minutes. I am so pleased I made that call. Do I sound pleased? Yes!

*the photo was so awful it had to go!


  1. You look happy and young :)

  2. You look so delighted and pretty!
    ~Emily in Norway

  3. Hot out. You look lovely.. you really do!!! I like the cut and style..

  4. Well I might look better with nice makeup and less of a double chin ... but thank you! I am so happy with my hair, it's so fine and useless normally.

  5. Hey! This looks FANTASTIC! You have such great skin!

    I love the longer look too for winter.

    All the best

  6. Looks great Jac, nice colour too!

  7. You look pleased and your hair looks AWESOME!! :-)


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