And we do it all again

It's Friday! Field trip day!

Have you seen the movie Madagascar? Alex the Lion sings a song about field trip day in the beginning. (Madagascar 2 is coming out soon! We loved the first one)

I digress, today the field trip is on. It's beautiful weather so Biggie and Sara were very happy as they trudged down my driveway.

You can see my neighbor's garden on the left. She has a large stone ornament which is really cool.


  1. Misaki had her field trip yesterday. Her class went to the big zoo in Kobe. She was very disappointed that she didn't get to see the rabbits and she complained loudly that the elephants smelled bad. I hope Biggie has a better time!

  2. Those stone ornaments are lovely to look at from a distance but I hate having the one in our garden because the wasps love to nest in them.


  3. We love "Madagascar" here :) And beacuse of T-s obsession to watch his movies about 10 - 20 times in row, I know it by heart now....
    I hope "Madagascar 2" will be as funny or even more :) ( you never know )

  4. we love the movie too, and have watched it many times!

    I had a wasp but not a nest thank goodness.

    Biggie had a great time. It was lovely and low key - visit to the local beach, by train, one stop, playground, lunch and trawl for shells - excellent!!!!!


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