Books vs Rough 'n Tumble

My boys are besotted with the kitten and are outside throwing pine cones all over the lawn for her to play with.

Nice boys need a bag for their books so they can go to the library. A nice quiet morning activity.

Work in progress - Robot Book Bags.


  1. Wanted to comment on your Nittori post from long ago but don't know much about blogs and thought it might get unseen way back when.

    Anyway, I googled nittori and found you! Maybe those kitchen organizer shelves will have to wait. Would like to join your encouragement society and perhaps get some for myself. Also an expat mom (from US) with Japanese dh and one 6 year old boy. If I made a list of 'accomplishments' it would not match yours (apt. renter, no car) and sometimes that's discouraging. Even having a 'job' outside, writing/editing for a TOEIC study magazine twice a week, is not very glamorous if you don't feel on fire about it. I've been here (Yokohama) for 8 years and I'm still waiting to feel at home and settled.

    I'm happy to have found you and to (hopefully) witness your progress on the blooming where you're planted thing.

  2. Thanks Ruth for this lovely message. I am so glad you found my blog and find it encouraging. I do wish that everyone could feel happy and satisfied with life as I have begun to.

    Please don't feel disheartened by my relative success , I assure you a lot of what you read on my blog is the GOOD stuff - the bad stuff still goes on, I just like to keep this blog as upbeat as possible :)
    it took me a long time to feel settled and happy with my choices. I hope you get there in the end.

    I look forward to seeing you post comments more. It really keeps me going knowing that people are reading!! Thanks!


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