Christmas comes early

Yesterday mum put the finishing touches on my scarflette. We got the pattern from Ravelry. It was designed by Fiddle Lee. You can buy your own ready-made scarflette here.

The two buttons were part of my Christmas present from last year. Mum had bought them before she even knew I was starting Mee a Bee. She knows I love to make stuff. Of course I didn't want to use them to sell so I've been waiting for the right project to use them on.

They're perfect and I love my new look, thanks!

Also in the picture is the new giant floor cushion mum made for me yesterday. It's one of three cushion covers she has whipped up while she's been here (lucky me!!).

AND magazines from Alfalfa! more to follow on that parcel of goodies!


  1. That looks really cool. I like the pattern and colour. The pattern on it is sort of like that cardy that Victor's wife made. Em hasn't been wearing that because the buttons are too small! I should buy some bigger ones so it stays done up.

  2. It's a muffler-ette isn't it?


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