Congratulations Nerida!

Nerida is the lucky winner of my {300} giveaway. I wish I could give $300 dollars or to 300 people but now it's my 300 yen needle case (with pink felt pages!!) and the latest edition of Home Sweet Craft.

Congratulations Nerida and thank you to all those who entered. Thank you to everyone else who reads my blog and supports Mee a Bee.

I laughed out loud about 300 times reading your comments. I think Marianne hit the nail on the head with her comment about how many times a day I have to tell Little Guy to "Get down from there!"

The actual answer to 300 whats? was that over 300 people have added Mee a Bee to their list of favorite stores on Etsy. I'm so grateful for that! Just a month ago my "heart" count was at 269 so I am thrilled to be gaining more supporters.


I love your comments!
Thanks, I read each and every one of them!

I try to reply to all your comments, if you want to know what I and others say check :Email follow-up comments to ...

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