Cultural Insights

A couple of weeks ago Biggie took my mother to the local area festival. They had a great time and especially enjoyed the goldfish game. They caught a few themselves and the friendly stall owner threw in a couple of extra. They came home proudly carrying them in a plastic bag.

Mum thought they might survive a few days in a salad bowl. Mr. Mee a Bee thought otherwise and raced off to buy this tank. Each day over the past week he's come home with something extra for it - a pump, a light, some stones for the bottom and this green foliage. I must admit they seem happy.


  1. You mean he didn't clear out the big tank for them!!!

  2. NOOOOO that's a way harder task than buying a new one. It's like toxic waste in there.

  3. my oldest brought home a beta from a festival.... at this time we do not have an aquarium up and running so it is in a big jar on the table for a while....

    I love fish but feel it's important to keep them properly and comfortably and right now i feel sorry for the beta in a jar...

  4. Oh dear some have died and the rest look sick!

    I'm not sure what a beta is jan?


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