Oh dear, we have a dilemma. We have a little kitten in our garden. It won't stop meowing and trying to get inside. It's really pulling on my heartstrings. The kids are both fascinated and a little bit freaked out. I don't want to feed her but she seems so desperate. We definitely don't want a cat since 3/4 of the family have allergies ... but with winter coming up ... we've given her a name ... and I've seen her eating the crusts we throw out for the birds ...


  1. if you feed her even once......

    I gave a piece of ham to the cat that sleeps on our deck. I hate cats. We don't have a pet cat. We don't want a pet cat. But, I gave it some ham....

  2. You will have to change your animaal free and smoke free slogan

  3. I thought that grandad!

    Jan - our neighbors gave her some fish. Looks like she'll flip flop between the two homes ... as long as she doesn't meow or try to come in I won't mind. I do like cats.

  4. "Miaow! Feed me some cake Friday?"

  5. Oh dear...I don't think I could resist...it would seriously take all my willpower!


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