Evening shopping

The shops are not open 24 hours here but it is "late night" every day of the week. Most shops close at 8 or 9pm which is great if you love shopping. Like I do. And like my mum does. We nipped down to the mall after dinner.

We're all fired up about knitting since we got onto Ravelry (friends I am registered as meeabee). I downloaded some free patterns and hit the craft shop. The color is much nicer in real life, it's a salmon pink. 100% merino. It was about $5.00 a ball.

Speaking of downloading. Mum doesn't have a computer at home. She can't justify the cost of Internet access. Since she has been here with me she's been blown away by how much is available to download for FREE. She told me a few days ago that patterns are about NZ$8.00 to buy. A pattern book could be double or more. Seems so unfair.


  1. Yay! You're into knitting too! Isn't it too much fun? I'm very new to knitting so everything I make at the moment looks like a scarf but it is still immensely satisfying.

    Cool critter on your window, looks like something from an exhibit at a natural history museum!

  2. Yes, me too everything is either a scarf or a baby beanie. Have you signed up at ravelry?

  3. whacha gonna make with such be-u-ti-ful yarn?????

    and have you gotten the new Mason Dixon book yet? I forgot to include it on a recent order, so I will wait a bit. It's cheaper to order from the states than from AMAZON JAPAN...I am going to order it from BETTER WORLD BOOKS...

  4. ooh which book, have to have a look.

    You know I looked into Amazon the other day and found it was the same or more expensive from the States by the time shipping was factored in. Don't you find that?

    Mum is the main knitter here, she's doing me a scarflette.


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