Happy Birthday!!

Today is Mee a Bee's first birthday (October 28th). There will be cake and celebrations later!

To get the ball rolling I am giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to spend at Mee a Bee.

To enter in the draw please join either of Mee a Bee's new mailing groups.

Mee a Bee on Facebook: Mee a Bee - all that's cute from Japan.

Mee a Bee Google Group: all that's cute from Japan.

Both of these require signing up for either Facebook or a Google account. If you prefer to be on a simple email list then drop me a line on meeabee[@]gmail.com (take out the square parentheses) to join my mailing list and go in the draw to win a $25.00 gift certificate to spend as you choose at Mee a Bee.

Happy Birthday Mee a Bee! Happy Birthday Mee a Bee! Happy Birthday Mee a Bee!


  1. uh, oh, lavish girl!!
    It made me panick a bit, cause I`ll turn 2 soon :)
    And thank You for invitation on FB! I did n´t know I can actually win something! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, mee a bee.

    Blooming, I was just smiling, nodding and laughing with recognition over SO many things on your blog. I was reading through the older ones, trying to catch up, and just in Oct. I found several similarities: braving the crowds at IKEA and coming home with mostly food! Rushing through the KMart in Guam, oh my God, Yes! (But thankfully without the two sick kids--although nearly 4 year old son locked himself in the hotel bathroom!) Making a phone call or going to the less-than-groovy hairdresser?? Been there, done that! Riding the roller slide--whee!

    Well, many more (huge Madagascar fans...can't wait for second one) but have to get someone to bed.

    Wishing you many more mee a bee anniversaries!

  3. Happy Birthday, MeeaBee. All the best for the next 12 months, from us both.

  4. whoohooo! a year. i hope the next year goes better than you could ever expect!


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