It was GREAT!

We got there bang on ten, as it opened. It was crowded but not unmanageable. We were given an hour and a half to dash around (by the child minder aka. Mr. who took the kids with him). It was reminiscent of my 60 second dash around K-Mart in Guam (with no child minder and two sick kids last December).

I was very restrained just picking up things I needed. I have the catalog now so I can plan the larger items I'd like to get later. The food was fun at the end. As you can see we still had money to burn (the supermarket is outside the main part).

Favorite pick-up item: paper cocktail napkins. Made in Estonia just like my favorite embroiderer.


  1. haha, thanks for mentioning :)

    We buy lot`s of IKEA napkins, but I never looked where are they made :) Got to check it out now !

  2. hmmm, ours are made in Poland and in Slovakia... :(

  3. no, not the ones you bought :)
    I don`t even know if we have same assortment here as you have?

  4. Look at all the goodies you bought!!! I hope you had a fab time!!!


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