Kids Can Cook

This evening Biggie needs to do something "fun" so he can make a presentation tomorrow at school about his "fun" evening. It was decided that he would cook dinner. As we speak he's boiling up pasta and baking some meatballs in the oven. Actually I think he is making a water pistol out of an old sauce bottle and my mum is boiling pasta and baking the meatballs.

Earlier today I finally finished this cute apron I've had cut out for months. If I can get one of my kids to stand still for the photo I'll be loading it into the shop. It's for 3 - 5 year old children.


  1. Hi Jacqui,

    like the apron.I have a NZ icon one with hokey pokey and jandals etc. I wonder what other aprons people have.

    A shout out to your Mum and the kids.


  2. Did you make this? How fabulous, I'd love to have one made!!!

  3. You should order one Girl Japan! I have one myself with cupcakes and pink stripes for my cafe.

    TK I'd love to see your one. I have a black everyday apron with kiwis all over it. I LOVE it, heavy weight canvas, nice big pocket, black so it doesn't look dirty ...


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