More baking

Chatty Cafe is tomorrow - I'm packing them in while mum is still here. I will be baking again this morning. What to bake? I am all caked out.


  1. How about a "Kabocha" cake? (microwaving the pumpkin) then use the rest of the kabocha for whipped cream icing?

  2. cookies? pudding? sweet bread (cinnamon rolls, for example)?

  3. Thanks! in the end I have made a slice.

    Louise cake.

    It's a sweet shortcake pastry base spread with raspberry jam and topped with beaten egg whites, a little sugar and a lot of dessicated coconut. Baked until golden.

    It's a New Zealand classic, a very old fashioned recipe, in fact it is not printed in recent editions of the NZ cookbook, Edmonds. It will be lovely.

    Thanks for your suggestions. It was almost going to be Anna biscuits from Ikea!!

  4. The other day DD and I just made regular old banana bread, but we put chocolate chips in it instead of nuts as DD things she will drop dead is she eats something as horrible as a nut. It was a big hit.


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