More cake disasters

This morning was a bit out of control. I made a cake last night for Chatty cafe and was icing it this morning as usual. It was supposed to be a caramel cake so the sugar had to be caramelized. I am not quite sure what went wrong but the icing (frosting) turned into FUDGE! (ie. hard) I had to scrape it off the cake and make a whole new batch. This with 20 minutes to spare.

It all worked out in the end but I feel a bit dazed and confused from the chaos that surrounded it all!


  1. I LOVE your fudge and certainly wouldn't object to in on one of your cakes!

    Rather snowed under here. Will try and call again soon.

  2. ......go easy with heat!! :))

  3. Thanks Eva
    I thought as much. My fan bake oven is so hot I already adjusted the temperature but I guess it needs to come down more.


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