Morning shopping

It really is amazing what you can (and do) buy at the 100 yen shop (like the dollar shop). They have everything. It's a favorite tourist destination since it's so unbelievably cheap. Most things are made in China or Korea. It's not the best quality but sometimes you don't need that.

I am still on my "I love felt" jig as you can see.

I think there are a lot of eBay and even Etsy sellers on-selling from the 100 yen shop but be prepared to pay triple or more. Daiso is in the US now though!

The array of craft products is mind blowing. As much as I'd like to save money on my supplies for Mee a Bee I have a "made in Japan" policy which I adhere to as much as possible both to maintain quality and to reduce the risk of toxic dyes etc getting into my products for children.

It's still fun to look though.

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