Photographed a billion times

You could photograph Mt. Fuji a billion times and it would never lose its ability to impress. It was spectacular. I kept seeing glimpses of it as we meandered our way back to the train station.

This is the view from our hotel room, a swanky joint on the banks of Lake Kawaguchi. We had a great time. The whole family went (my in-laws plus my mum) a total of 12 people.

The funniest moment was when my father-in-law returned from the smörgåsbord with a pile of grapes to share. He tried to pull one off only to find they were rubber. We laughed and laughed about that. If it had been my dad I know he would've done it as a joke but with Jiji I'm certain it was truly a mistake.

Now what do you do if you're traveling with four kids to one of Japan's iconic spots? You go to the local them park! We spent Sunday morning at FujiQ Highland. Apparently it boasts one of the worlds highest roller coasters. It was a lot of fun with something for everyone. Thomas Land was great for Little Guy and Biggie hadn't grown out of it yet either. The two older cousins and young aunty got their thrills on the big rides.


  1. Fuji Q-Highland is fun. There is a nice outlet mall near there - Gotenba Outlet Mall I think it is called. Did you make it over there? Did you ride the coaster? I rode it once and that was enough for a lifetime. I really think it is kind of dangerous. You have to remover everything that might fly off including hair clip, ear rings and so on. Did you notice that the top of the highest part of it is shaped like Mt. Fuji?

  2. oh, i am jealous. jealous. fuji q is on my list of things to do. i am so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. What a stunning photo, what a capture you have there! Is there a lake near by where I heard have the most wonderful views?

  4. Sherry - yeah, that big high ride did look kind dangerous I was tempted though but we ran out of time.

    Leslie, the best part was the Thomas Land area for little kiddies. Take your nephew when he gets bigger.

    GJ - that lake is Kawaguchiko. It was a really beautiful area. Quite tourist friendly.


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