Ready to hang

Sherry said she loves Nitori. Mum agreed it is pretty good. I myself still love Ikea ... however when I went there the other day I had a hard time finding the frames I wanted for these pictures I've had for a little while. Today at Nitori I picked up these two frames and was able to eyeball them to be the right size. At $8.00 and $15.00 it wouldn't have mattered if they'd been wrong I guess. Hard to tell it's dark brown wood, not black.

On the left is Weird Hair Feeding Birds by New Zealander Helen Acraman aka zukzuk. I love her work and can't wait to add more to my collection.

On the right is Doors by Japanese artist Yuko Uemura aka PataPri.

Interestingly both of these artists are expats like myself. Helen lives in Canada these days and Yuko calls Chicago home for the time being.

I'm so pleased with my purchases today. Just as well I have two more Chatty Cafes booked in otherwise I may have to stop going to the shops (I might rather die I think!).


  1. I`m looking for frames too! Have some lovely prints for T-s room. And one for bedroom too! But no frames.......

  2. the frames look great. and you didn't have to make a trip back to ikea. shoot.

  3. yes I'm so pleased it's a perfect fit!

    I guess you'll have to go to Ikea Eva!


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