What a morning!

Shortly before the Chatters were due to arrive I noticed my husband had left his keys behind. Knowing he'd need them later I called to offer to bring them part of the way into the city (well I offered mum's services).

Mad panic ensued - packing Little Guy and mum into the car, roaring to the station, dashing in to get them onto the train, speeding home (u-turns etc), burning up to greet the Chatters as they arrived.

The cake was baking happily while I was gone, looked perfect but it was a bit runny in the center. It's a Continental Apple Cake, from Edmonds NZ Cookbook.

Mum and Little Guy made it back safely just as the Chatty Cafe was ending. It was one of the few solo trips mum has made on the train. Bearing in mind she speaks absolutely no Japanese she did really well.

What a morning! Remind me to look for a key hook to hang by the door.


  1. what a truly beautiful cake! Care to share the recipe? = )

  2. Considering the previous night that was a superlative effort.

    Both the keys and the cake!

    Runny? Who notices runny?;)

  3. Awww you guys are great! Thanks!

    I would happily give you the recipe Girl japan.


  4. Yay, fantastic, I was cheating yesterday and asked hubs to pick up a sponge cake and some cream.... OH Big mistake it was the non-diary type.. I swear we have to either make it ourselves or get it from one of those fab pastry shops here.. bistro etc..

    I am not sure I have a cake pan that deep, I wonder if I can find one here? I'd love the recipe = ) I will be trying to use your concept of English/Cafe because I so desperately want to QUIT my job and try for another biz adventure...

  5. I have lots of recipe books Girl Japan ... I wrote a post about how I run Chatty Cafe. Search for it in the search bar at the top. It's a great little enterprise but quite a lot of work ...


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