Wild Beasts

Yet another wild beast has caused havoc here this morning. A tiny little frog was trapped in the laundry overnight. By today he had made his way to the shoe corner where upon he had found himself weighed down by DUST from under the cabinet (my bad housekeeping). None of us wanted to pick him up, well maybe Little Guy would have but he's not very gentle, so I had to coax him into a box. It took a good fifteen minutes to do that.


  1. You are very brave! At least its better than the green tree snake my dogs chased into the house and under my stove last Summer.

    My husband was home and rang me at work to do something about it (hmm...not the superhero husband I was hoping for) so I rang the local snake catcher (who is apparently very busy).

    My dad and husband were found by the snake catcher poking it with a stick and got in big trouble. Tree snake was eventually freed into the bush up the road.

    Sometimes its good to bring the outside indoors. And sometimes not.

  2. It was only the size of a 50 cent piece. Not that brave.

    Snakes! we had one once. that prompted mass panic. Husband covered all the a/c hose outlets with wire mesh after that.

    Outdoors should stay out I think.


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