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Today I was so happy to learn Mee a Bee is featured on The Ardent Sparrow. Thanks so much Rebecca. I love the description whimsical isn't that lovely? Rebecca's blog is really beautifully curated. It's definitely one to bookmark as she has made some really wonderful discoveries, not just Mee a Bee ;)

The Ardent Sparrow store can be found on Etsy. There's a free holiday shipping offer! I'm hard pressed to pick just one favorite. I love the photography.


  1. so cute little owl! Off to check her blog:)

  2. I love that and I am not such a fan of owls

  3. what a good find! that little owl (and branch - I love that branch) is so good it makes my teeth hurt!

  4. :) I`m featured exactly next to you!

    It`s all your "fault" I went to check her blog from here!

  5. Nerida, now I see why that owl caught our eyes.


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