Are you busy? No, I'm Occupied

Does this look like the kind of place you could spend a couple of hours mooching around in? I think so!

In Vancouver for the weekend? Live in Vancouver?!?
You must go to Occupied in Gastown: 221 Abbott Street, Vancouver

If you have a look here, you'll see why I am such a fan of this shop.

That's right! Mee a Bee is now available at Occupied.
Coin purses, Linen & Felt Totes, Kid's Backpacks.

My big news! Congratulations Mee a Bee!
Mee a Bee - still available on Etsy if you can't make it to Vancouver.


  1. Hey, wow! I'll have to check it out and send you an image of your products for sale in a retail outlet in another country! Well done.

  2. congratulations! I love shopping in Gastown when I am back in Vancouver. I will pass the word that you are available there!

  3. How exciting!

    First the 'unreal' world of the web and now the real world.

    What's next Blooming?

    Like Buzz and 'To the universe and beyond'?

    You go girl!


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