Hanky Exchange

The last time I used a real handkerchief was probably at my best friend's wedding. It was just so beautiful I was moved to tears.

Handkerchiefs seem to gone out of flavor but when you think about it they are a lovely eco-friendly way to dab at your eyes when there's a tear or two. (I appreciate the need to use tissues when you're streaming at the nose with the flu though).

I found this beautiful delicate handkerchief cotton at the store last week. Does anyone want to take part in a handkerchief exchange? Send me a pretty hanky - bought, homemade, or vintage and I will send you one of these in return. I have enough fabric for 8 pretty little ones. Email me or leave a comment if you want to take part.


  1. gorgeous delicate pattern and I can almost feel how thin and soft the fabric is! beautiful, nostalgic fabric!

  2. If there is still room, please sign me up for the exchange.


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