Happy Birthday Biggie Wiggie!

Biggie turns 7 on this day, November 24th.

One of his presents is the little kits that accompany the book The Dangerous Book for Boys which you may recall I bought earlier this year. It inspired me to make a treasury. Isn't it cool? A mix of vintage and handmade following the list of essential items for boys. Here for the next 3 days.


  1. Happy Birthday Biggie!
    Hope you have a great day,
    Love Cathy, JP and Eleanor xx

  2. thanks! he loves his new notebook and tin set from you guys, thank you!

  3. Happy Birthday Biggie. Look out for our email.

    Love Indielf.

  4. Happy birthday to the big 7 year old. And so great it was a national holiday!!

    I'm sure you feel as I do with my big 6 year old--where's that little baby I used to hold in my arms? Actually, he's still in there somewhere I know!

    Cheers from Ruth

  5. A bit late but Happy Birthday Biggie:)


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