Hedgehogs on Poster Sketch

Hedgehogs on poster sketch, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

If I get another treasury I have this one lined up. Two of my dear friends are keen on hedgehogs. Can you pick them out?


  1. yes, I can :)
    Thank You!
    Surprizingly I have also an all - animals poster sketch :) Not hedgehogs!

  2. Thanks Meeabee

    I've always loved hedgehogs. We used to feed them saucers of milk when they wandered into our garden. They don't have them here in Australia but people still love pictures of them. Do they have hedgehogs in Japan? They are featured in a lot of the Japanese fabric.

  3. there are no hedgehogs in AU? Wow, I`m not sure I want to go to AU, then :)
    Maybe if to see koalas, though :)


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