Is it bad to feel this way?

Biggie rushed in from school with the 'bad' news that 'our' cat (Matilda - OK so we named her) had followed him to school. She had not followed him home. My first thought was relief that we have gotten rid of her. Is that awful?

Biggie was nonplussed so we decided to clean up her spot on the deck, wash out her water bowl and hope for the best. The best being that a lovely family who love cats decide to adopt her. She's a lovely affectionate cat. She's playful and not vicious. She'll eat anything (not such a good thing) and doesn't mind sleeping outside.

OK, I'll confess, we have been feeding her. My mum, yes, we'll blame mum, bought a little packet of cat biscuits. I have dutifully filled the bowl each morning since mum left. Anyway the pack ran out yesterday so it's rather timely that she has moved on.

Fingers crossed she didn't drop a trail of pebbles as she walked to school today.


  1. Excuse me?! You've been feeding the cat? Tut tut. Surely the gods will cause havoc in your household:)

    Did Biggie carry her to school? If not, I'm sure she can find her way 'home'...

  2. Oh did I not mention that the other day ... oops
    No Biggie claims not to have noticed until after school that she was there.
    I'm pleased but a little bit worried. I hope she finds a nice home but not this one.


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