It was a scarf, now it's a table runner

The scarf I made or attempted to make from linen the other day wasn't working for me - too stiff. However it's made the perfect table runner!

Chatty Cafe guests were treated to chocolate mini muffins today which they happily said looked very homemade. I overfilled the muffin pans (since I was in a rush as usual) so some went a bit lopsided. Oh well!

Little Guy was a little star. I dropped him off at a friend's house for the morning. I've made arrangements with two friends. I am paying them. I think it's going to work out very well. They're happy with the extra cash, I am happy with the lack of stress and Little Guy got to run around in a cool Japanese garden playing with Lassie (the dog).


  1. sometime, when you have time, Blooming, tell me how your Chatty Cafes work. I'd like to know where you meet, how your participants find out about your gig, what you talk about and in the end, is it worth all the work you put into it?? (the baking alone probably takes a lot of precious time!)

    it's something i've been thinking about for myself. any hints you have would be appreciated!

  2. And if your Little Guy is like my Little Guy he was probably a perfect angel while at your friend's so they think you are exaggerating what he is like at home, no?

  3. YES!!! we know how it really is, hey!


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