It's a mystery

Today Little Guy and I are off on a mysterious adventure. Not really, it's no mystery to me. We're going Mystery Shopping. I can't say where just in case the company gets wind of it.

What is Mystery Shopping? A market research company pays me to "shop" undercover in the client store. Companies use the evaluation to assess their training programs. I'll go to the shop and pretend to be interested in the product. Sometimes I even have to make a purchase for which I am reimbursed.

I have a list of questions I have to sneak in and other criteria to check such as store cleanliness. Once I had to look at all the staff shoes to make sure they were wearing the company product. Another time I had to report that a lightbulb was out in the front. Another time I had to measure the height of the desk, I did not do that secretly, that one was not done undercover!

Since I love shopping it's fun for me. I also have an interest in market research since it was my major at university. Today there should be a very nice hot refreshment as part of the experience ;)

Anyone can register and they are always looking for people all over Japan. Today I am working for BAI International.

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