Dala Pony and J for Jacqui

Little Guy and I decided to walk to the mall today. We've eaten way too much lately. Need to get back into the walking. It was HOT. When are we going to get some decent cool autumn days??

Our shopping was very successful. As a small business owner I need a constant supply of mailer bags (that's good!). I do not need any lacy initial Js but it found its way into my basket anyway. Turned out to be a good thing as well though because I was able to use my 5000 yen loyalty voucher! All my shopping ($50 worth) was FREE!! Happy camper.

And look at my dala pony stamp! 100 yen shop, I love you. I have a dala pony obsession, did you know that?


  1. ooo, you have an obsession? And it`s not sewing? How interesting ;)LOL!
    I think your finds are great - especially that embroidered "J".........mmmm maybe I have an obsession too? ;)

  2. hehehe you learn something new everyday!

  3. everyone needs a fancy monogram :)
    GREAT stamp! Is there anything better than a 100 yen shop? I think not.

  4. I want a 100 yen shop near me - NOW! Do you know what I found there??? Oh this is agony...

  5. thanks smileybella - if you are in the US I think there are 100 yen shops now, Daiso?


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