Made in my smoke-free and

Pet-free home ... Kitty hasn't come back. Actually we do miss her quite a bit. Little Guy has made various attempts to encourage her return including throwing his entire uneaten lunch onto the lawn for her. We've walked past the school a few times and looked for her. Little Guy of course called out. Biggie has been on the lookout in the school playground.

I do not want her to come back but I am not so heartless that I am not worried. I hope she's found a nice home.

I'm relieved to be able to write on my product descriptions: Mee a Bee - made in my smoke-free, pet-free home in Osaka. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I throw in child-friendly as well. Depends!


  1. You post made me laugh.

    Little Biggie of the big heart. And your reference to the cat etc 'I do not want her to come back but...' and your '[I'm] child-friendly...[-it] depends.'.

    The Blooming family are alive and well:)


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