Major Cities: London

Here's a little idea I had, shop local (save shipping costs) and support handmade starting in major city London (or United Kingdom). Something for everyone on this list. Next stop ... New York? Tokyo?

Linotte - for your quirky 20 something best friend or maybe a niece. Brooches, pendants and pocket mirrors are all under $10.00
Strawberries and Cream - pin cushion for your crafty pal or a little splurge on yourself. Love the linen Christmas trees.
Belle and Boo - is gorgeous for your young nieces or nephews but it's a bit out of my price range. I love the little mirrors, just $10.00 and magnet sets $9 - $12.00 for a set of three.
Pocket Studio - this is great! for your young university-aged sister perhaps, someone living in a student dorm.
Ducky Soaps - for the little peeps on your list or perhaps a fun gift for the office secret santa. Knight in Shining Armor - perfect for your single damsel-in-distress friend.
Mulberry Rose - Add one of these mini matchbook calendars to your gifts instead of a tag. Personlised free (with your Christmas message perhaps).
Claudia Varosio - For your brother if he's a bit style conscious.
Red Ruby Rose - for your mum - the cheapest thing in the shop is still very pretty
Maries Cosy Cushions - for the newlyweds on your list, or even a kid with a cool bedroom would love these or these.

Help! Nobody is making stuff for DADS or even boyfriends ...


  1. Great idea!
    Will you come to Germany too?

  2. I think there`s no stuff for dad`s, because dads prefer to buy not from online :) Mine does!

  3. Thankyou thankyou! I will be checking out all your links, can't believe you took the time to do this - so kind!


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