Morning all!

I'm very busy this week with sewing (as always) and I have two Chatty Cafes as well. Yet at almost 9.30am we find me sitting in my dressing gown wasting time reading blogs, flicking through websites, looking at Etsy.

I have to get to the post office today but there's a huge thunder storm passing over. Plus it's FREEZING.

Little Guy has gotten hold of a pile of manila folders and strewn their contents all over the office floor. I guess that's my signal to get moving. Sigh.

I do have dinner in the Crockpot.

Oh and I updated my shop with a packet of fabric scraps. It's quite large but the size (quantity) is negotiable if anyone is interested.


  1. If anybody can you can.

    You go girl!


  2. I bet your scraps are lovely! you always use the nicest fabrics. I'm intrigued to see what the rabbit fabric was like and as always Im incredibly jealous that you have easy access to such brilliant Japanese fabrics! Although, do you get bored of them? If you would like any English deisgners sent over or supplies let me know too and thankyou for your kind offer :) I'm always happy for swaps!


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