Off to the Fair

The Annual Fair is on at the kindergarten today. We don't have anyone attending kindy at the moment but inside sources managed to get me in ;) so that's where we will be all morning. Games, Food, Craft Hall. It's going to be brilliant. I had better get dressed. Had a sleep in today.

**Edit** these are some of the nifty things I picked up. It's a triangle purse. It zips open all the way around until you are left with a long zip stitched onto a long piece of tape. Isn't that amazing? AND they were hand-stitched! Jan will love that.

I also bought some hand-knitted slippers for Biggie and a knitted dish scrubber from the nuns. They're so sweet. I bought some beautiful mittens from them last year which were my favorites all season.


  1. wow!!! very cute. and I love that "tree and heart" tape.. is it tape? or ribbon? what is that stuff!!!

    very cool , you just keep cranking out the good stuff!!!!

  2. yes, it's fabric tape, cool right? 350 yen each they cost


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