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Things are picking up here in Mee a Bee land. Our birthday week is drawing to a close (hurry if you want to receive a gift with purchase, that offers ends today, November 2nd).

I had a busy summer as you know. Not much sewing but tons of visitors and HOT, HOT, HOT. Too hot to sew? Not exactly, but certainly too exhausted to sew, from the heat.

As for visitors, the last of our summer visitors leaves today. Sob, Sob, mum flies out this evening. We've had an amazing time. I feel rested and back to 100% sanity.

It's a shame mum won't be here for Christmas. That would have stretched her holiday a bit too far. In any case Christmas is on our minds. We've done all our shopping. Mum has ordered a lot of Mee a Bee (thanks mum, my best customer).

I have several custom orders on the go but still quite a bit of stock. However things are picking up at Etsy so if you have your heart set on something from my store either buy it now or contact me to reserve it. Most of my fabrics are no longer available so what I have is all there is. I am also taking orders for custom or bespoke creations.

There's still time to join my mailing lists or at least give me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter. There's that $25.00 gift certificate up for grabs! Details are in posts further down or in the side margins. For email meeabee[@] is one way of contacting me.

PS. Ruth, I only have one Robot n Felt Book Bag left if you still want that.


  1. Thanks Eva. He needs a haircut! he loves getting in the product shots.

  2. Oh, my gosh - they are both adorable - the little boy AND the bag - so cute!


  3. Thanks Kim! That's my little boy. I guess you could say I made both the boy and the bag!

  4. :) I think you absolutely have to say that!


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