Thank you Sweetbeets

Lovely surprise this afternoon to find a little star next to this fun treasury. The star means you are featured. Thanks Lisa (from Sweetbeets). I see we both have a thing for those painted dolls by babyrobots. I REALLY want them. More wonderful picks here on Lisa's website Modeco Kids.

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  1. Hi Jacqui,

    I just found you blog through a comment you made on Melissa from tiny happy's website.

    You must know that I am extremely jealous that you are over there in Osaka crafting away with gorgeous Japanese fabrics.

    I spent 6 years almost living in Japan, and I adore it. I hope one day to go back there to live a little time with my family (somehow). I'm a Waikato girl, although I have my degrees from Auckland Uni.

    If you ever feel like doing a trade of something from little old NZ for something from Japan, just let me know!


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