That's my boy!

Biggie's poster was chosen to be exhibited at the local hall this weekend! His was one of only two from his class. He was mighty chuffed - we all are!

The picture depicts children at school doing PE. A large cloud passed over that looked like a whale. It was one of the class stories last month.

Biggie is in the first grade. The blobby thing in the whale's mouth is his teacher being munched up. He likes his teacher I believe but he has a sense of humor!


  1. Wow, he sure is talented! In year one in Japan children are 6 right? That is amazing!

    Such a creative picture too- obviously takes after his mum!

    I was always crap at art- my brother was the better artist!

  2. thanks! he's off to look again today with his dad

  3. Wonderful picture! Lots of color and I think you should frame it so he will have it forever. Have a good day!


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