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  1. those are very cool!!

    is it very difficult having an etsy shop in japan?

  2. Thanks illahee

    It's not difficult having an etsy shop but it is a LOT of work, a 24 hour job, all I think about. I've got a lot of money invested my business so I need to promote as much as possible to recoup that. The behind the scenes stuff is HUGE.

    selling vintage noren might be a hit ...

  3. Alfalfa has some great stuff!
    I have awarded you with "I love your blog "award!
    Details at my blog:) Have fun!!!!!!!!!

  4. lol! no way i am giving up my noren! ;)

    but maybe if i started making some....

  5. hmmm with three little kids ... you haven't got a few (hundred) spare??

  6. nah, i actually only have about ten or so. and in our new house, we don't hang noren, so...


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