Wanted: Reliable Babysitter

Some predicted this would happen ... the demise of Chatty Cafe ... it's enormously popular but I can't do it with my Little Guy "helping me". He's still too excitable.

I have made arrangements with a friend to babysit a couple of times a month which is great but the demand for Chatty Cafe far exceeds the supply. I've had to turn down two groups this week alone.

Franchise anyone?

PS. Have a look at this lovely shop on Etsy, thanks Mon Petit Lapin for the info.
And this featured artist LaPomme, giving a shout out to Apple and Eve and Ravenhill! Nice!


  1. That is exactly why I am waiting to get back into the swing of home-work until my little guy is parked at school for a few hours everyday. Hope you can find a solution as it would be a shame to have to totally stop.

  2. Well I bit the bullet and called in another friend. She's agreed to help out. I just hope Little Guy is up to the task.

  3. i'm not quite sure i understand how chatty cafe works. is this like an english conversation lesson you're paid for, but instead of a lesson plan, you just chat? and you provide treats? and where do you hold it?

    very curious over here! lol

  4. That's right illahee. I hold the "class" in my home. I bake a cake and have coffee/tea/lots of different drinks, then everyone chats. It's just informal conversation. I like to bake. The cake is often part of the topic.

    I wrote about it in a post earlier. Search for Chatty Cafe to see how it works. I have about 25 people on my roll now.

    I still need to host the group and facilitate the talk that's why it's hard to do with Little Guy doing sumo jumps at me.

  5. I understand your situation! We have the same trouble here... Next week i go and take a look at a kindergarten that has younger kids (as three Y) too. maybe it`s a way out.

    Would love to help you out!
    ..but I guess I would be too expencive... :))

  6. uh, oh! Thank You for mentioning!!!!!!!

  7. Your Little T might be out for a few hours each day Eva? imagine how much you'll get done in that time!!

    Jealous a bit.

    But still committed to keeping my guy at home for the time being. Things are getting easier for us, he's calmed down a lot.


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