Warning - Gross Post

I am rapidly becoming very disenchanted with "our" cat. Actually our neighbors have kind of said she is theirs. If that's the case then I'd like to know why she spends the whole day meowing outside my kitchen door and trying to come inside.

I'd also like to know what they are feeding her. As the saying goes "what goes in must come out". And come out it has - in my garden. We've spent the morning covering up the litter box. Little Guy had to clean some off the wall. That's right, it's not pretty.

Lovely day to be in the garden though.


  1. Sorry to hear that. That is why we have no pets and will have no pets. I have put Big Sister off by telling her someday when Little Guy is bigger we can get a dog. I never said how big he had to be though. I am thinking about 6 feet (180 cm) and heading off to university.

    My rule is that if I didn't give birth to it I am not cleaning up after it.

  2. we have a cat that sleeps on our deck. I don't feed it, but if it feels comfy sleeping there I am ok with that. Also, i saw a mouse out there last year, so a cat could be helpful. as far as cat poop goes. it is stinky!!!!


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