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Over the past year I have tried to bring you stories of inspiring women, both around the world and here in Japan. I won't pretend life as an expatriate/immigrant is not tough, isolating and even a little debilitating. Language issues, culture shock, homesickness, frustration over lack of work opportunities. I have experienced all of this over the years. Thankfully I am moving on now.

Today I want to share the story of a good friend who has really carved out a place for herself. Kirsten Woest is truly an inspiration.

Kir is an artist, stay-at-home mum, teacher who runs amazing scrapbooking classes, soapmaking classes and more. Just look at her website! I came to know Kir through a parenting support group. I've listened to her woes, imparted advice, swapped toys and watched her family grow. I had no idea this was the real Kir until recently. I feel inspired by such creative talent and business sense. Love what you do, Do what you love. Thanks for letting me share Kir.

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