Address Books

I am one of those people who hates to make a mistake on the first page of a new notebook, or who wants to start again with a new piece of paper if I mess up a few lines in.

I feel the same way about address books. My family move a LOT from town to town from country to country. I am constantly having to cross out entries and rewrite them. I hate having that mess in my address book so I am always replacing them.

It's almost impossible to find address books in Japan that have the listings in alphabetical order. They usually follow the Japanese phonetic alphabet. Luckily mum usually sends alphabetized ones my way.

Last night I covered a plain black address book with cool wallpaper. I framed a little piece as well although I think it would look better in a dark frame.

The wallpaper is from Wallpaper from the and this pattern is Ambrosia I think. I bought a few samples a while back for 0,50 EUR each. They are just gorgeous.

Address books make great gifts ;)


  1. Ooh, like this wallpaper and what you did with it.

    I'm the same with address books. I and my friends and family often move or have additions to their families:) Now I use a little binder with interchangeable pages. It works really well.

    Catch you again soon.


  2. Oh! I remember when you first bought those samples - they look great in the frame and awesome on the address book.

    I am exactly the same with my retentive 'clean page' fetish. I also have a little binder with pages you can add (or tear out!) that works very well and stops me freaking out at crossed out things (or even things NOT written in black fine point felt tip - see I told you I was bad)

  3. Lovely framed picture!
    I'm looking for address book myself. We have all addresses in mobile phones, and I don't like it ...
    So I'm browsing Etsy now, because I really need something!

  4. did you find one eva? on etsy? I searched but couldn't find any myself.

    Nerida, your comments made me laugh!!

    TK your idea is good. Probably a rolodex would be good but they take up a lot of space, plus they're pricy

  5. when somebody has an address change, I cut out the address they have written on their envelope and glue that OVER the old address in my book.

    i can totally handle crossing out old addresses... it gives me a connection with the past... and the address book is ancient.

  6. i don't think there are any or else they don't call them address books.

    these are quite cute:

    or this is cool, I like maps

    why don't you send a question into Holly at decor8?

  7. That is so YOU Jan, wonderful and frugal. Your place must be full of history and stories.


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