A bit of monkey business?

I went to Costco the other day as you know. I bought a kilo of bananas. A couple of days later my Co-op order arrived and there were more bananas (it's hard to keep track since you order a week or two in advance). I had a lot of bananas so my friend inquired whether I was on the Banana Diet. No I responded indignantly, do I look like I need to diet? I said that jokingly, but in fact I do need to diet but this banana thing has got to be a farce. What do you think? Click this link and read all about the Morning Banana Diet - invented in Japan of course! There's lots more banana fun here. (and I got the image from there, Banana Importer's Association)

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  1. if the locavores ever become the majority, then the banana growers would need to worry...

    you know what they say...

    whne life gives you bananas, make banana bread!!!!


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