Christmas Recap

Hi everyone! I hope your Christmas has been merry!

We're well and truly done with Christmas - I have even packed up the tree. I was tired of Little Guy pulling at it and throwing the decorations all over the living room (Ikea plastic decorations are very ball-like and quite bouncy).

In spite of my dour outlook we did have an enjoyable Christmas. The three of us had a really nice day. Both the boys were reasonably well-behaved right up until it was time to eat.

During dinner Little Guy decided to throw his food on the floor and was put in time-out twice before being packed off to bed early. Biggie hate heartily - one broccoli floret, one tiny slice of roast pork and half a roast potato. He was way too full for Christmas cake. My mum commented today about him having the appetite of a praying mantis.

The highlight of the day was Mr. Mee a Bee making good on his promise and arriving home at 5.20pm. The first time in our twelve or thirteen years together that he has knocked off early on Christmas day.

All of us were very spoiled with so many presents, thank you! And millions of cards! And wonderful newsy emails. It was fantastic.

Top presents:
Biggie: scooter/kickboard - ordered and delivered within two days from Amaz(ing)on.
Little Guy: Hannah Montana microphone complete with flashing light and sing-along tune.
Mr. Mee a Bee: socks and undershirts! naaah! a re-gifted bottle of wine, thanks Tamakikat!
Moi: itunes!!

We've just eaten the last of the left-over roast vegetables. We have a quarter of the Christmas sponge left and a few Christmas mince tarts in the pantry. I still have one whole box of chocolates not even opened! It's been pretty great.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. cool. sounds like some good things happened!!!

    happy happy holidays.....!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jan! yes, it's been lovely. I haven't lost my temper once and I haven't need to tune out with my iPod

  3. Im very pleased the microphone made it to the top list! Riki got one to!!


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